Here you can find some more information about what I do and who I am.

Michael Temper

I am an iOS developer from Vienna, Austria, who creates apps and games in his free time. With such private projects I always try to improve my skills as a developer and keep up-to-date with the latest features and technologies like SwiftUI, App Clips, SpriteKit, StoreKit, GameCenter and more. Besides programming I am also interested in design - even though I have no professional experience in that area, I just enjoy it to create assets for my games and always try to create great UI/UX experiences with the best quality possible. Apart from technical stuff, I try to keep some kind of balance and stay fit by going to the gym and after a long day I also like to clear the head by relaxing a bit by just watching some series/movies or playing some games. Lastly, I am also always open to try out new things and during my semester abroad in Sweden, my interest in traveling around grew even more and therefore, I try to see as many new places as possible.


In my bachelors I studied Mobile Computing at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Upper Austria, where I learned all the fundamentals which are interesting for development on mobile devices. From programming to project management, hardware specific topics and more. During the studies I learned various programming languages like Java, Objective-C, C#, C++, HTML etc. but in the end I liked Swift the most and therefore sticked to iOS development. In my masters I switched to Interactive Media with a specialization on game development since I was always interested in games. There again I learned quite a lot of new stuff like textures, shaders, level design, modeling, how game engines work and how to use them and more. It was very interesting to me, but since I always wanted to work on my own projects in some way later, I decided to go back to app development as I thought it is more likely to create an app with a smaller amount of people or on my own, instead of a game where you most likely need more people due to the bigger variety of topics included like creating assets, sounds, programming etc., therefore I started to work as an iOS developer to improve my skills in that area.


During my studies I had two internships where I gained my first practical experience in iOS development - one at an app development agency in Linz, Austria, where I worked at multiple apps at once and another one in Munich, Germany, where I worked on a full body-weight app called Freeletics. After my studies I moved then to Vienna and started to work again at an app development agency and therefore, also worked at a various kind of apps at different companies within different teams. Since then I got in touch with all kind of nowadays used patterns and tools/topics like fastlane, MVVM, RxSwift/ReactorKit, The Composable Architecture, Screenshot Testing, Swift Package Manager, CocoaPods, REST APIs, Testflight, Firebase, SCRUM/Kanban, Jira, Confluence, Trello, CMS/Kentico, Git, Zeplin, Figma and more.