Where is Ploppy?

A super simple minigame for everyone!


Where is Ploppy? is a free offline game where you have to find a wanted Ploppy. It can be played over and over again.


At the beginning of the game you see a card which Ploppy is wanted. After pressing play, the Ploppies on the board get mixed up all over the place. Then you have to start searching - sometimes, you will find them quite easily, sometimes you have to look more closely and sometimes you maybe even have to first pop some of the overlaying Ploppies by touching them. In the menu you can randomize the wanted Ploppy as often as you want.


  • Completely free! No payment, no advertisements and no in-app purchases within the game
  • Kids-friendly designed - can be played by everyone even the youngest ones who cannot read yet
  • Endless gameplay by randomized cards
  • Sticker Pack included - share the Ploppies with family and friends via iMessage
  • Fully offline playable
  • App Clip available
Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac.