Pop the Ploppies! That’s it! It’s as easy as it sounds - just pop the Ploppies before they reach the water to become the best Ploppypopper in the world. Different types of Ploppies will make it either harder or easier for you to get a better score. Unlock various achievements and skins on your way to the top and challenge your friends to beat you. Not competitive enough? Just play against your friend and be the last man standing.


  • No Pay2Win or advertisements! Only skins can be bought and be unlocked partly for free
  • Different game objects with special effects
  • Different Highscores and Multiplayer mode
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Portrait and Landscape Support
  • Offline playable
  • iMessage Support - send your favourite Ploppy to your friends and family!


Ploppypop Trailer



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Hey, I am Michael, an iOS Developer from Vienna, Austria. I create apps and games in my free time and always try to improve my skills and knowledge about new technologies with such projects.
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